Our games are 15 minutes long for playing. However, do expect between 6-10 minutes prior to the playing, to go through our briefing and suiting up with our vest and phasers. And additional 2-5 minutes of putting up the vests and phasers, and receiving the laser tag score cards. So 1 game will take up to 30 minutes total.

We do recommend that those who do play be in relatively good health since laser tag is a high energy, adrenaline producing game.

If you or anyone in your party have the following conditions, please let us know before you/they play:

Epilepsy – While most of our arena is just lite with black lights, our GEMS do strobe, which may cause an issue.

Asthma – We do fill our arena up with fog from fog machines that are certified to be harmless to people in good health. However, if you are sensitive it may trigger as asthma attack. It is recommended that you carry your inhaler with you at all times.

Heart Conditions – Laser tag is a high energy, adrenaline producing game that does involve going up and down ramps, which will increase your heart rate. You can avoid the ramps, and play just by staying on the main floor, if need be.

Pregnant – Again, laser tag is a high energy, adrenaline producing game that takes place in a darkish foggy maze. Please consult with your doctor about your limit, and while playing, please take extra caution around corners and ramps.

While age is a factor, and we do recommend those who are playing be at least 6 years old and above, height and maturity are also important. Our vest and phasers are fairly large and can be often to heavy for younger, smaller kids, so recommend that players be around 48 inches or taller. And our games are played in black light, and while we have done our best to make sure all areas are lighted, there are some very dark corners and insets that combined with the loud music and fog that is pumped in, might make some children frighten.